Hit piece on Sonia Trauss, mentions LPSF

Based on the name of the site, I'm guessing it's a DSA publication.
Relevant section:
"Trauss was listed as a member of the Libertarian Party of California until 2017. Trauss has given talks at SF Libertarian and Cal Libertarian events in 2015 and 2016. And when we assess Trauss through her own statements and writing, she appears to fit right in with their Koch-inspired agenda."
Was she ever a member of the LP?

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for posting this awful but interesting article. It is
definitely a hit piece--I'm surprised it doesn't try to tie Trauss to Trump
to further discredit her. Sonja has never been a member of the LPSF or
LPCA--at least since I've been active (2010). She did attend 1 LPSF
meeting, posted a guest article regarding housing on our website, and was a
panelist at our second LPSF Panel Discussion on housing about 3-1/2 years
ago. She's only libertarian on housing--on everything else, she's pretty
much statist. She must be polling decently for the author to have written
this article. It reminds me of when Jeff Adachi was running for mayor
several years ago, and he was attacked in political ads for being connected
to the Tea Party. Character assassination--shameful!