Historical Preservation Committee Hearing Tomorrow

Hi All! Here is my NOT AS SHORT AND TO THE POINT ditty for the hearing tomorrow. Please review and make whatever changes you think are necessary so I can send this to the PR man for the owner tomorrow morning in support of property rights.

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco would like to add a
voice of support to the owner of the Elkan Gunst Building in his dispute with
the bar operators of the Gold Dust Lounge. Both parties signed a lease agreement that was satisfactory to each
party, or else they wouldn’t have signed it. Now the bar operators are trying to renege on their part of the
agreement and use The City’s political power to force the owner to let them
stay at their current location.

We sympathize with the bar operators who have been at their
current location for many years and would like to remain there. Change is unsettling, messy, and
unpredictable. However, there was no
fraud or coercion involved in the signing of the agreement, so they should
honor what they signed and move on, without involving city government.

Most important, The City should not involve itself in this
private dispute by favoring one party over the other. Private property rights are the most important of our
constitutional rights that we, as individuals possess, because without them,
anyone can lay claim to our property at any time and we have no recourse. Please help to send a clear message that
private property rights and signed agreements are still important in San
Francisco by staying out of this private matter.

Thank you,
The Libertarian Party of San Francisco


Sounds great to me, Aubrey. I would send it in before it gets bogged down on this list!