hey Ron

Dear Phil;

Actually a special prosecutor should be used for all the top execs of Fannie and Freddie and AIG and they should be taken down like the execs at Enron for cooking the books until the literal last second bfore the take over and billion dollar loans. Right along with them in the defendants box should be Paulson and Bernanke and the execs at Countrywide Financial and Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch.

They knew exactly what they were doing and what the eventual results would be and they are all walking with their golden parachutes funded by the bailouts and billion dollar loans ie: the taxpayers.

Next up Motor City and the Big Three.

I say pull the plug on all those bailouts and loans and loan guarantees. Then shut down the federal resrve and pull its plug. Get off fractional reserve banking and go back to the gold standard devalue the US dollar by at least 1,000 to one. Arbitrarily set the price of gold backing the dollar at say $100 ( it's a nice round number) and mlet the chips fall where they may.

All of those people need to pay heed to an old saying: you made your beds now lay in it. And BTW get your hand out of my wallet and paycheck.

Also pull the plug on the American Imperial Empire and bring home all US troops and shut down all US overseas bases - including Pearl Harbor - cut the armed forces down to say 100,000 total and institute a National Defense Militia trained by regular troops.

Next, shut down all those alphabet soup federal agencies, repeal all federal wage and labor laws, repeal all the 40,000 federal laws especailly all those tax laws, declare a permanent Congressional recess and send everybody home. Shut down Social Security Medicare and Medicaid.

And on the 7th day he rested.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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