Hey Ron Getty

Dear Eric;

Go to highschools - senior classes - register 17 year olds going to be 18 years old by June graduation. Work on 17 years olds to be 18 by election day - get them prepasred to register to vote. Convert them to your camp as campaign workers. Forget about energy spent on getting partial vote for younger teenagers. Spend energy on getting student campaign workers who can get votes for you - use their energy to energize your campaign.

Go to City College and USF and Golden Gate and SFSU etc etc and Art Colleges get registered voters there who live in SF or will do campaign work in SF on your behalf. Get college campus campaign workers to help you with this and make introductions. Don't forget private schools - Saint Ignatius and Sacred Heart etc.

Forget about legislative stuff concentrate on mayor campaign stuff and campaign worker stuff. Get Mayor Elect Dupree web site and Dupree Mayor blog site.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian