Hey Ron Getty

I was in Sac. in '05 lobbying to lower the voter age and was told that similar leg. was presented that would have given 16-17 year olds a half vote and 14.5-15 a quarter vote. It was from Leg. Vellas... (something) Repub. out of the Central Valley.
Is it possible to get a copy?
I believe there were six Senators in support. All Repubs.
The Bl. Caucus leader stated the Repub. were in support because their youths are better organized? IMAGINE THAT! He also, said the Black caucus wouldn't support (he has to reason to deny my goals) any bill that was similar to the slavery one that said 'we' were 1/3 (?) human. And if it would have past his daughter would've voted for Bush! Now I IMAGINE'd THAT!

One other thing, is it time to re/present (with or with legislators) something of significance in a timely enough manner? No it won't past but because I don't solicit popular press, it could get me some ink and a lot of myspace/YouTube hits. Either that or my 18 year net/hits genius will have me take my shirt off. She says send in the Marine Body.SMILE

DuPree for Mayor '08