Hewitt 4 Governor event in East Bay

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share the ticket link for the Jeff Hewitt for Governor campaign
event happening Friday, July 16 at Westover Vineyard in Castro Valley from

Jeff Hewitt currently sits on the Board of Supervisors for Riverside County
with the largest constituency for an elected Libertarian (~2 million). He
is running for governor on a platform of stopping corruption in Sacramento,
reforming the state’s water policies, and rebuilding California

There are BBQ and vegan meal options ($100 each) and 2 drink tickets for
$10 more. My understanding is that all or most of the proceeds go to the
Hewitt for Governor campaign to get a Libertarian elected to statewide

This event is being co-hosted by our neighbors in the Libertarian Party of
Alameda County.

Check out the Supervisor’s campaign website at https://www.hewitt4ca.com .

If you have any questions, contact Betz Stump at betz@lpac.us .

In Liberty,

Richard Fast