Hi Friends,

In case you have not heard from earlier messages or through the
grapevine, I and the little ISIL office are moving back to San
Francisco. In fact, I am here in the Adante Hotel near Union Square,
with my stuff in storage on Mission St.

After two weeks of bouncing around the city on Muni looking at single
apartments - all overrun with applicants, I switched gears and nailed
down a nice 2-bedroom townhouse in the Park Merced complex on 19th
Ave. next to SF State and Stonestown Galleria mall.

I'm looking for 2 or 3 helpers for mid-day Saturday (although more the
merrier). I need one driver for a U-Haul truck, as I do not have a
license due to eyesight. There happens to be a U-Haul service at Park
Merced with the appropriate trucks. (Everything from Phoenix came in
a 14-foot U-Haul truck - driven by a friend, so it's not a huge move).

The best plan would be to pick up the truck at Park Merced by noon, go
to the SOMA Self-Storage at Mission and 11th St., take the stuff back
to Park Merced and drop the truck off there.

Please let me know ASAP if you can help, either to this e-mail or by
my cell phone 480-559-1049. Or try your luck with the Adante Hotel
phone 415-673-9221 room 301.

Please pass the word on to other libertarians.


Jim Elwood


You really don't want me driving (I have a license, but I drive maybe 3
times a year, typically a subcompact Zipcar. The last time I drove a U-Haul
was 10 years ago moving my then boyfriend now husband from Berkeley to
Stockton, and I swore I'd never try driving something that big in the city
ever again.), but I am happy to help with the physical moving of stuff if
you can find a driver.

Rob Power
h: 415-762-0524
m: 415-235-0462

I'd help Jim but it is my wife's last day before going back to Mexico City. The kids and I are pre-occupied. Good luck and welcome to town. Please allow me to coordinate a welcome lunch on your behalf. It's been a long time since our reception for Mary Ruwart at my place 20 years ago.