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If anyone knows how to deal with Google please help out. When you search San Francisco Libertarian Party or something to that effect, what shows up first is the Google "Be the first to review" stuff. Problem is, LPSF is described as "professional services" and the accompanying map shows Clay Street. I have tried everything to change that without any success. If any of you know what to do to correct that, please feel free. A good review of LPSF would be great. The address, not so important, since Aubrey is thinking of moving the LPSF box anyway.



  I went in and edited the LPSF's map location, description, etc. Maybe you've done this before, I don't know. But sooner or later Google will get the message.

  I recommend people not use Google for web searches anyway, since the company tracks your searches and the data is accessible by government.

  You can use to do Google searches, with the only differences being that Google sees the searches as coming from Startpage instead of being able to tie them to you, and I think you don't get some of the Google advertising like the site you describe getting our listing wrong below.

  Also run by the same folks as Startpage is, which uses search results from a number of other search engines instead of just relying on Google.

  Both of these search engines are making rapid inroads, and pose a real threat to the dominance of Google -- .

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Hi Starchild,

Thank you! Much appreciated.