Help! We need more parking! Lower and fewer fees! More scooter availability!

Dear SFMTA Board members,

  Bike share, car share, and scooter share services are positive enhancements to San Francisco, providing residents and visitors alike with additional, environmentally friendly transportation options. However bike share stations and other additions or changes should result in no net loss of parking! The bike share stations should generally be put on sidewalk or other off-street locations, not on the street where they benefit of one company at the cost of eliminating parking for the general public.

  There also need to be an adequate number of spaces in each neighborhood where people can park for more than 2 hours without buying a special permit at ever-increasing cost! Visitors and people who rent cars need to be able to park without being forced to continually move their cars, which is not only an inconvenience that reduces productivity by forcing them to take time out of their days, but also obviously contributes to traffic congestion (further reducing productivity) and pollution from people driving around looking for new parking spots just to avoid getting a ticket.

  It is a conflict of interest for the same government that takes away parking spaces, to profit by ticketing people who park illegally because it is too time-consuming to find a legal space, or impossible to find one within a reasonable distance of their destination.

  Finally, why are the numbers of shared scooters in the city being arbitrarily restricted? Supervisor Ahsha Safai is right to complain that the current rules are resulting in scooter "dead zones" in his district and other parts of the city, because the companies are not being allowed to put enough of them in public places to make pick up and drop off of the devices practical over a large coverage area.

  Please confirm your receipt of this letter, and let me know your thoughts on my input. What do you intend to do, if anything, to alleviate these situations? Please also include this letter in your meeting agenda under the title in the Subject line of this message. Thank you for your consideration.

Love & Liberty,

                               ((( starchild )))
Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
                            (415) 625-FREE