"Help make a statement by July 4th!" (yes, but what *kind* of a statement?)


  A check for $19,000 to install an air conditioner in an office you'll be renting for what, four months maximum? Ouch! Couldn't you have found a "modest" office that already *has* air conditioning for less than $5,000 a month, and saved all the money you're now spending on rent? I know, I know, you might have had to settle for something with more than two small windows* -- oh, the horror!

  Is this the way a fiscally conservative campaign operates? In one sense I suppose I shouldn't care, since I really don't have a horse in this race, but it still pains me to see Libertarian donor dollars going to waste like this.

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*"The location that we need to secure – if we can raise the funds – is an old AT&T call center. [Campaign manager] Russ [Verney] loves it because it's a very big open room with only two, small windows."
-Former LP executive director and now Bob Barr staffer Shane Cory, in a June 22 email fundraising for the Barr/Root ticket

On Jun 26, 2008, at 9:55 AM, Russ Verney, BobBarr2008.com wrote (in part):

Thanks for asking, Starchild. You aren't the only one to have had this

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  I was tempted to also mention this new invention they have called "fans" which are reputed to be healthier and better for the environment than air conditioning, as well as being substantially less expensive. But then I remembered that Barr's staff will probably be sweating away the hot Atlanta summer in three-piece suits, at least if their dress code at the LP convention was any guide. When you're *too* overdressed for the climate, only an expensive, cranked-up air conditioning unit will provide relief!

  Hm, maybe this would be a good point to bring up if Congress debates climate change again -- take off those suits and turn down the air conditioning! Not that I personally buy the theory that holds humans and the "greenhouse gases" they put into the atmosphere from things like AC mainly responsible for global warming, but it seems to still carry weight in some quarters.

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I assumed the $19,000 figure was a typo; but I guess not.


Haha, I am not sure how many times you have been to the South (something tells me it's unlikely to be your favorite place in the world), but having been to Atlanta in the summer, I'm not sure that fans will really do the trick. :wink:

Also I've never seen any Barr people in three piece suits...though I wouldn't necessarily be against it...it would be quite retro!


The three piece suit is pants, jacket, and a VEST. They haven't been popular since the 1950s. There was one LP presidential hopeful this year who was all about the three piece suit, but it wasn't Barr...



  My understanding of three-piece suit = pants, jacket, and tie. Still quite common in conformist-oriented circles (pants and jacket generally must be dark in color, i.e. blue, black or dark brown; more diversity is allowed in the tie, within certain limits).

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Since Chris Maden wrote to tell me the same thing, and I'm too lazy to go look it up, I'll assume you guys are correct and my understanding was wrong. I should have just referred to Barr & company wearing the usual dark-colored suits.

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