Hearing on Rec & Park Department Fee Increases (Thurs. April 19, 2pm, City Hall) / Government Golf Favoritism?

This just in from the Neighborhood Parks Council. They are a "good government" group that is kind of to the parks what Rescue MUNI is to MUNI -- willing to speak out against gross abuses, but essentially civic booster types not fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo.

  At present however, they are right on target in speaking out against the special event fee increases being proposed by the Recreation & Parks Department as part of a current trend of City Hall trying to ratchet up its attempts to bring in every last dime and keep the municipal budget from imploding. They also ask, reasonably, whether SF really needs six public (i.e. government-run) golf courses. See details below.

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  Is RPD cultivating the end of cultural, political, and community events in San Francisco parks?

With minimal input from community stakeholders, RPD is proposing significantly increasing Special Event Fees that are likely to spell the end of many cultural, political, and community-based events in San Francisco Parks.

Please consider attending the next RPD Commission meeting on THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2007, 2:00 P.M., CITY HALL, ROOM 416, and register your voice on this important topic.

NPC agrees that policy changes are long overdue with regard to Special Event Fees. However, RPD has chosen a "decide and defend" approach, and once again not done due diligence by thoughtfully and systematically engaging community stakeholders in a process that produces outcomes that the majority of San Franciscans can support.

The proposed fee structure can only be described as bizarre, is completely out of touch with the needs of the community, and will essentially have the impact of wiping out many events, both big and small. NPC has prepared a brief statement on this issue.
  (See link to the proposed RPD fee structure and NPC's statement on the issue on the front page of the NPC web site: http://www.sfnpc.org Action Alert section)

If you are unable to attend, we are available to carry your FAX or email messages to the RPD Commission. NPC FAX: (415) 703-0889 or email: Wolfram Alderson at walderson@.... For more information, please email: Wolfram Alderson at walderson@....