Has this list become "GOP-SF-discuss?"


I'm quite happy to "network" with people in other parties (and do so regularly, and have decent contacts in particular areas of both the Dems and Reps). That said, I don't post every NGLTF Democratic Party press release or Log Cabin Republican press release on the list when it's of interest to Libertarians.

As I said, I know that some Libertarians have decided to vote GOP, and that's fab for them. But I'd ask that a majority of the content on the site be Libertarian Party specific and not Republican Party specific. There has been more discussion of the Republican candidate in question than of any Libertarian Party candidate. If Libertarians have an interest in that Republican campaign's every move, we can join GOP mailing lists (or that campaign's mailing lists). We don't need to read details about every other party's every move (and party meeting) on our own party's list.




  While I respect your opinion, my view is that Libertarian Party resources, including this list, are libertarian *movement* resources first, and party resources second. Since I see Ron Paul as someone clearly within the movement, I think posting about his efforts is completely appropriate, especially since so many of us are active supporters.

  On a more practical level, those of us working on the Ron Paul campaign are effectively doing outreach for the party. Two members of the local RP Meetup group not previously involved with us -- Scott Walker and Stephanie Burns -- have already come to LPSF meetings. And for what it's worth, I get the impression that both of them lean more to the left than to the right politically. Has your own outreach gotten any new folks to attend our meetings recently?

  If you do feel that NGLTF or Log Cabin Republican press releases would be of interest to members of this list, you are certainly welcome and encouraged to post them as far as I'm concerned.

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