Hard Hitting Ballot Measures For Your Consideration

Dear Everyone;

Since we should go for the Big Hits and screw public opinion let's add the following to our list. Instead of privatizing what can be done by private industry in a City department - privatize all city departments and bid out all City departments - yes including police and fire and sheriffs departments. I am not certain how the courts would work but if they can be included why not with mandatory mediation first then arbitration then and only then full court hearings. Make the courts seek full restitution for both civil and criminal activities upon conviction.

37. Privatize all City departments to lowest bidder and go to user fees for services.

38. Privatize San Francisco City College and have student fees cover operating costs.

39. Repeal all San Francisco property taxes including school taxes.

40. Close all San Francisco public schools and go to free enterprise or private enterprise or parochial schools.

41. Create the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company by public subscription and buy out Pacific Gas & Electric and complete the electrical connection between Hetch Hetchy Dam and the City for low cost electricity for all San Franciscans.

When you are having fun - have fun and think outside the box of public agencies.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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