Hard Hitting Ballot Measures For Your Consideration

A friend workds in Santa Rosa and lives here in San Francisco. , choosing to shop in Rodend park on the way home. A half gallon of lactose free milk in the safeway there costs $3.50 and $4.95 here. The existing big stores here have no threat of new competition. As old competition shrivels, such as CALA, the new comers are highly restricted in their ability to build. the higher minimum wage also hurts, as does the higher employee taxes and mandated benefits.

The big box restrictions on retailers greatly inhibit competition and benefit the existing big box retailers, allowing them to jack up prices. This is cruel to the elderly, the sick, and the poor and working lower middle class. If this is to be only populated by folks who eat out or buy in Bi-Rite, the bans can remain. If anyone wants a diverse city with some working class folks, then the big box ban and other controls on the building and placement of retail must be eliminated.