Hard Hitting Ballot Measures For Your Consideration

Dear Everyone;

I missed one - add this on:

31. Mandatory on a weekly basis the Mayor and each supervisor must ride the Muni one day a week. The first week would be Monday then the next week a Tuesday and the third week a Wednesday and so on rotating through out the week including Saturdays and Sundays and Holidays. If they are out of town on their bus day - then they use public transportation out of town whenever public transportation is available. Each must report on their official web site what buses they rode for the day - that's a 24 hour day.

Car pooling and bicycling and roller-blading and motorcycling and walking don't count - those are things they should already be doing.

See yah a week Saturday April 14th at Milano's for the next LPSF meeting at 3:00 pm.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian