Hard Hitting Ballot Measures For Your Consideration

Dear Everyone;

For discussion purposes and placing on the agenda for the next LPSF meeting Saturday April 14 at 3:00 pm at Milano's 9th Ave at Irving.

These are a sampling of ballot measures - definitely not exhaustive - which I believe will turn San Francisco around dollar wise and cut the budget and make SF more livable. Whether or not these measures could get approved is another story but this is a Dream List or a Dream On List in no particular order and you can add your own:

1. Capping the Mayors pay AND benefits at $120,000 and all others scaled down from there with at least a $5,000 difference between levels. This will then generate an average pay and benefits of about $50,000 per City employee.

2. Repealing the payroll tax for all SF businesses.

3. Repealing the SF minimum wage law

4. Repealing sick days law.

5. Repealing mandated health insurance law.

6. Repealing all laws placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors which did not have an Economic Impact Report

7. Repealing rent control.

8. Repealing all rental property laws regarding landlord tenant.

9. Repealing any law enacted by the SF Board of supervisors governing use of private property - such a sro's to hotels or hotels converting rooms to conds.

10. Having all SFPD police officers assigned to crime prevention and the arrests of those committing homicide rapes armed robbery no more traffic duty or anything elese unless it is directly related to capturing suspected felons who have committed these crimes. If officers are needed for special event security the event organizer pays the full tab or hires private security.

11. Repealing the right of any 4 supervisors to sign off on legislation to place on the ballot at the last minute of the last day eligible.

12. Cutting the City employee health plans to just one. Require the City employee to pay half the cost. Repeal the agreement giving City employees who have worked for the City for 5 years and then left after 5 years lifetime health benefits at retirement.

13. Manadate a 5% a year cut in each departments budget.

14. Any settlements of suits for injuries or death to come out of the offending city departments budget.

15. No non-tax ballot measure may be approved by the voters without a 50% plus one approval of all registered voters - this means getting at least 209,000 yes or no for an initiative to be approved.

16. Each City department to under go an audit to determine which of their functions could be best handled by private contractors at lesser costs and which functions could be done by combining resources.

17. All PR departments in every City agency to be shut down.

18. All City golf courses turned over to private companies.

19. The Rec Parks department to be split in two. The rec section to be closed. The parks sold to highest bidder to be held in public trust in exchange for a major tax break on City taxes.

20. Repeal the hotel tax.

21. No further public funds for MOMA - Asian Art - SF Ballet Opera Orchestra Aquarium etc they fund themselves or they shut down.

22. Fire stations closed where there is no volume of fire calls.

23. Repealing all set aside affordable housing mandates to get building approval.

24. Defund all homeless programs for housing and cash payuments.

25. Encourage San Franciscans or visitors to green SF by voluntary tree planting.

26. Audit all City employees on disability to ascertain those who are faking and get the money back and file criminal fraud charges against the fakers.

27. Repeal public finding of Mayor and Supervisors campaigns.

28. Cut supervisors to 7 - 4 by district and three at large.

29. Review the 25/50 retirement program for police officers and firefighters and sheriffs deputies. Not all of them are in such bad shape as they need to retire at 50. Due a case by case evaluation and move the rest to regular retirement at 65 the same for all other city employees not already covered as such.

30. Any person who has passed a background check and owns a handgun under current state and federal law may apply for a CDW permit and get it approved without any special requirements as to need.

Thus and ergo a starter list for your consideration for Saturday April 14 3:00 pm at Milano's 9th Ave.at Irving

Ron Getty
Chair - Initiatives Committee


This is a great list. One recommended addition: Privatize SFO.

Why should the City own a facility outside the City limits? Britain
successfully privatized its airports in the 1980s. How much money
could the City get by selling it?

Marc Joffe