Happy Days! Gov. Brown VETOES Evil Industrial Hemp Bill, Dashing Monsanto's Hopes

Thank you, Jerry Brown, for VETOING the industrial hemp bill!!! This tells me that the Governor has good staffers who are paying attention to this stuff. Everyone is in favor of growing hemp, and so Monsanto probably thought it could push this through with no problemo.
But to let Monsanto and UC Davis start growing GMO industrial hemp -- GMO! -- hemp in California is ridiculous. We don't need no stinkin' GMO hemp, to paraphrase The Treasure of the Sierra Madres' line. Industrial hemp is a sturdy crop that doesn't need GMO tweaking -- the GMO part is just a way for Monsanto to assert patent control over all such crops and make farmers pay through the nose for something that should be free-- seeds from this year's crop saved for next year.
We need more competition, not less.
I voted for Governor Brown because I knew he was experienced and not in the pay of Big Business. My hopes have been confirmed! Yeah!