Happy Birthday - Michael Acree

Dear All;

Happy Birthday Mike Acree!!!

Posting to both groups as this is an auspicious day for Mike Acree!!!

If you are on his facebook account post a Happy Birthday wish there.

Ron Getty

I don't know that Mike is on Facebook -- but maybe I'm simply not on it myself actively enough to have noticed. Anyway, happy birthday, Mike! May you enjoy many more, each freer than the last!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear All;

For those with Facebook accounts this is Mike Acree's facebook page. You would
have to ask him to friend you to be able to post on his wall.


Ron Getty

Thanks to all for the beautifully articulated greetings. Sorry that I'm
not really a Facebook user; I'm about 100 names behind in accepting
invitations from Friends. You can also celebrate today, if you wish,
the 74th anniversary of the crash of the Hindenburg.

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