Guns don't kill people. Doctors kill people.

Now before you all start sending me hate mail, please allow me to explain. The article linked above explains that doctors kill WAY more people than gun-toters do, and I have every reason to believe it's true. So a sarcastic response to the left would be that if we really want to save lives, we need to eliminate even bigger killers, like doctors, and that would show how silly they are targeting things that kill way, way fewer people than gun-toters do.

The fact is, however, that I think that doctors do far more good than harm, AND THE SAME IS TRUE OF GUN OWNERS. (Notice I didn't say "toters" this time. That is because I draw a distinction between gun owners, who are the most part responsible, and gun-toters, who are criminals who for the most part possess stolen guns.)

Doctors save lives every day. Gun owners do, too, stopping crimes in progress time and time and time again. Neither the lives saved by doctors nor the lies saved by gun owners make national news headlines.

But as soon as a doctor kills through error or malpractice (sometimes even wilfully, though that is quite rare) or a criminal uses a gun to commit murder (also very rare compared to lives saved), the mainstream media is all over it calling for more regulation.

I think both healthcare in this country and gun ownership in this country needs LESS regulation, not more. You all know why I think gun ownership needs less regulation, so I won't belabor the point, but what about doctors and healthcare in general.

Well, that is a whole other subject involvement government-sanctioned monopolies, price-fixing, regulatory complicity in pharma profits over safety and over-regulation (even banning) of competition from alternative medicine and healthful alternatives to government-approved modalities. It involves true stories of federal gestapo-style raids against peaceful raw milk producers and organic farmers and ranchers. It involves the government telling people what they can and cannot eat, drink, grow or produce, all to the detriment of the public and contributing to an utter lack of freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is the enduring benefit of free markets, but our healthcare system is far from a free market. It is so heavily regulated as to be completely straightjacketed into a government-approved mold that is virtually unrecognizable compared to the vibrant system that would exist absent government regulations.

Both doctors AND guns save lives. It is simply not possible to eliminate all risk in life. I would rather take more risk and have more freedom than live a highly circumscribed, over-regulated, confined existence of government-issued "safety". Remember, the more "safety" the government promises, the less freedom we have.