Gun Show at the Cow Palace September 14 & 15

Hi All! The LPSF will have a table at the gun show next month. We will partner with the Golden Gate Liberty Revolution (formerly the Ron Paul meet-up), and they will have 2 tables right next to ours. The cost will be $110.00 for the table for us, but I am hoping to recoup most of that back in donations, which has been the case when Dan The Man tabled at previous gun shows. This will be the first use of our Activity Fund money since we started the fund a few months ago (has $155.00 in it). We will do the Nolan quiz and feature all the usual literature that we do at tablings, though I may pick up a Second Amendment brochure and add it to our repertoire, if the cost is not excessive. The show will run from 9-5 on Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. Dan will try to get passes for those who work the show and pass them to others as they leave the show--otherwise it will cost $10.00 to get in the show. Not sure of the cost of parking right there, but I
found street parking not that far when I worked there during the Ron Paul days.

If you would like to help out and work the table on either day, please let me know. I am working both days but will leave around 2PM on Saturday to attend our September monthly meeting. Mike Edelstein has volunteered to work a shift on Saturday prior to the meeting.

If this event works out (a good reception and good donations), we will probably repeat this event in the middle of November.