Gun ban response


The plan is to write LTEs during the February meeting to protest the proposed gun ban.

Please do invite the members of any gun groups you know of to join us on 2/12/05.

Best, Michael

I think Morey's talking about more far-reaching actions to defeat the gun ban beyond writing our letters. I agree we should definitely work with the Pink Pistols and Gun Owners of California. Working with the NRA was a bit controversial, because they have a very negative rep with liberals (not blaming them for that, just noting the fact), and not a great rep with gun rights advocates either (this one is their fault), since they're too prone to compromise. They have almost never endorsed Libertarians for office, typically endorsing our Republican opponents instead. Also they are a large and powerful group, and would probably expect us to follow their lead. They already have somebody researching how to defeat the proposal in court, according to press reports. I would lean toward keeping our options open, but not rushing into a partnership with them. Maybe we can leave the legal fight to them while trying to form a grassroots opposition coalition with local people in the PP, GOA, and others.

Yours in liberty,
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