Guest at this Saturday's meeting

I was recently contacted by Eric Dupree, a neighborhood activist in the Fillmore who is starting now a run for SF mayor in 2008. He'd seen some of my stuff in the ballot, and came over for a chat a couple days ago. Whereupon I was delighted to find that he seems very libertarian. He reacted favorably to the ISIL flash animation and from rent control to gay marriage was right up our alley on the issues. I invited him to come to our meeting Saturday, and he emailed me that he is planning to do so. He may just come for the social hour portion, I'm not sure about that. But I think we could have a very productive relationship. He is a registered independent. Eric's not a young guy, but he has a very "street" aspect to him and from appearance is not someone you would guess is a politician. I think he and Guy Wilson could get along splendidly. 8) By the way, I spoke with Guy recently as well, and he sounded like he's also planning to come to the meeting. Guy furthermore expressed a possible interest in running for Supervisor in District 10.

Yours in liberty,
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