Guest at Meeting

I'd also like Charles' contact info, if anyone got it.

  For the record, the payroll tax was not his main argument in favor of voting for Matt Gonzalez. The main reason he cited was that Matt favors district elections, while Gavin Newsom opposes them. Charles believes that Libertarians have a much better shot at getting elected to the Board of Supervisors via district elections than via city-wide elections. I agree with this analysis, though I wouldn't necessarily support Matt for this reason.

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Marcy or Chris:
Since we have a sign-in sheet, does one of you have his email (and address and phone) and could you forward it to me?

From: Marcy Berry
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2003 2:43 PM
Subject: [lpsf-activists] Guest at Meeting

1. As did Francoise, I also did a search, since the presentation last night
did not at all add up. Google did not help; too many by that name. I do
not see him in Region 38 at all; but he could be a lapsed member from
another Region before he moved to San Francisco.

2. Our guest's principal argument in favor of a MG recommendation seemed to
be Matt's promise to do away with the S.F. payroll tax. So I serched Matt's
website; his promise for all to see is (and I quote below):


In order to evaluate the unfair business tax currently in place, it is
useful to examine the context under which the tax was developed.

Prior to our payroll-only tax, businesses paid a tax based on either payroll
or gross receipts. The late nineties brought several court challenges to
this tax system. The challenges came from big businesses who, while never
proving discrimination themselves, claimed a theoretical loophole could
exist whereby a business would be unfairly disadvantaged under the
interstate commerce protections. By 2000, the lawsuit had grown to 52 of San
Francisco's largest corporations suing the city under a taxation system that
not a single one of them could demonstrate had discriminated against them.

In a 7-3 vote, the Board of Supervisors approved a settlement which cost our
city approximately $80 million with an additional shortfall of $35 million
per year. I opposed this settlement because I knew it was unfair, and would
serve as a disincentive for businesses to locate to our city, and for
businesses who are already here, to hire more employees. I was one of three
Supervisors (the others were Chris Daly and Gerardo Sandoval) to vote
against this settlement.

Pursuant to the business tax settlement, the city collects business tax
based exclusively on payroll. This must be changed.

This is not a good measure because it serves as a deterrent to businesses
employing more people. At a time when we are trying to kick-start our
economy and create more jobs, it is antithetical to have a payroll-based

We ought to restore our tax to accommodate a form of taxation based on a
gross receipts model and be sure that it is an equitable divide between
large corporations and smaller, neighborhood businesses. We need to bring
back balance." (end quote)

3. And since I am at it, Matt's other way of helping small businesses is to
institute commercial rent control and I quote:

"My administration will task the newly formed Small Business Commission with
recommending to me actions to be taken to stabilize commercial rents
including state legislation necessary to achieve commercial rent control. I
will then call a "summit" of the City's Sacramento delegation and facilitate
the introduction of that legislation." (Sarosh, how about this for
Libertarians to recommend!)

4. Our guest's other argument in favor of Libertarians recommending Matt
was that any help to third parties helps all third parties. Well, if we
recommend a socialist, where do we stop? At card-carrying Communists?,


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