Growing numbers of United Statians moving toward religious independence

The best about people expresses themselves is we get to hear how "they" feel.
I try to learn from others words instead of fighting their right to speak.

Nobody's challenging Glenn's right to speak---I think it's always good to let neocons talk and make fools of themselves. My point was: when people like him are in power they don't respect the rights of anybody else. Just look at the last 8 years of a religious-right presidency: 'faith-based' welfare handouts were freely given---to certain churches. The government actively went after Mormons, Catholics and the Amish---somehow the religious right's churches were left alone.

  Even in Iraq, taxpayer monies funded fundamentalist missionaries and Blackwater stormtroopers protected them. Indigenous Iraqi Christian churches were attacked by Islamic fanatics and our 'security apparatus' would do nothing to protect them.


You didn't read a word I wrote..........Your conclusions make no sense and
the fool comment was a bit over the top.

being a bully seems to come quite naturally to you.......

If you ever want my thoughts on governance.....ask............hell I'll even
buy you a beer pardner

I bet you're nice in person....


  Thank you for trying to restore some amiability to our dialogue here. I agree with Thomas Jefferson that political disagreements should not be allowed to interfere with friendship (or civility). I think all of us have more in common politically, in our desire for greater freedom, than separates us. We shouldn't allow whatever differences may exist to obscure that larger fact. Hopefully we will meet in person and I'll have a chance to buy you a beer as well. Just so long as it doesn't have meat in it. :wink:

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

What stability? This jackass was the one who started this; then he accuses others of 'bullying' and 'name calling' which is exactly what he does.


  I never said Glenn was being 100% amiable; obviously saying being a bully seems to come naturally to somebody falls into the "ad hominem" category. But he also said you're probably a nice guy in person, and that he'd buy you a beer. That's a real step toward civil, friendly dialogue, and I wanted to encourage the sentiment. Calling him a jackass isn't helping anything. Obviously you have some significant disagreements (although I suspect they ultimately may be more about tone and emphasis than policy), but there's no need to insult each other. Why not try to look for the best in his comments rather than the worst?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


I truly hope that you don't rant this way in public. Your opinion regarding
catholics and christians has nothing to do with do nothing but pollute the discussion and
turn off people that might be considering changing their views.

Libertarianism is not supposed to be a continuous rant of anti this and anti

We are supposed to be a positive message for freedom

I have been a catholic all my life and I consider myself to be a strong
libertarian and would challenge you to prove otherwise

I hear guys like you and I understand why we never win elections

Ummm. yeah. After prefacing his 'step to a friendly dialogue' with a torrent of insults, he says, in effect: 'But I'm sure you're really not such a bad kid deep down inside--here I'll buy you some candy' (pat on head).

  Sorry, but I know his type and I know when I'm being baited.