Grow the LP Committee teleconference - Weds. Dec. 28, 730pm

Hi all,

  We've set a committee meeting for next Wednesday. Ted gave notice in an email he sent to the membership a couple days ago, but I have had some difficulty posting the agenda and call-in details (see info copied below) on our website.

  First I could not find where to log in. After some fruitless searching, I eventually called Jason and found out that the login page for is no longer publicly visible. He said this change was made for security reasons when Jared was revamping the website.

  I do not believe hiding our login is necessary, and think any added security gained thereby is more than offset by the harm of making our website more difficult to use and thus less participatory.

  Right now, the hidden URL to login is . I strongly recommend we make this link public again, and enable/encourage more people to use it so that the content on our site is abundant and current. This will boost us in search rankings and draw more visitors to the site.

  Meanwhile, having logged in and created an event post for the teleconference – – I'm encountering another problem, namely that although the post can be viewed at the URL above, it is apparently not showing up on the Events page – – where I thought I was posting it. Hopefully Jason or someone else familiar with the site as it is currently configured will let me know how to fix this, and we can adopt a smoother interface that will let us get more functionality and benefit for the party out of

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))
At-Large Alternate, California LP Executive Committee
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