Group Offers $5000 Reward to Prove Interstate Commerce Clause Applies to Marijuana, Other Banned Substances


Proof of Federal Jurisdiction
over Marijuana

REWARD $5,000

To the first person who can prove that Our Federal government has jurisdiction
over all marijuana manufactured or possessed in theUnited States.
U.S.Supreme Court case law cite with page and quote required.

The famous Wickard v\. Filburn case, relied on by Federal prosecutors and judges to claim jurisdiction for the Controlled Substance Act under the interstate commerce clause, actually says quite the opposite:

It is of the essence of regulation that it lays a restraining hand on the self-interest of the regulated and that advantages from the regulation commonly fall to others.- Wickard (317 US 111,129)
Because Filburn was accepting benefits (subsidy prices for his wheat), he was liable for the agency’s civil penalties imposed by the program regulations.
In 2004 Attorney Allison Margolin challenged Federal jurisdiction with a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction (U.S.v. Landa).
The precedent upon which the federal government’s ability to govern interstate commerce, Wickard v. Filburn, is premised upon the fact that the plaintiff in that case registered in a federal program. …the Wickard basis of jurisdiction is inapplicable here.

Similar motions by other patients are currently in our Federal District Courts, our Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and in our Supreme Court\. These defendants are also non\-registrants, not accepting benefit from FDA, DEA or any Federal agency or program for marijuana\.
 Still, no Federal judge has ruled on these motions or even addressed this issue, never mind citing an authority establishing Federal jurisdiction over non\-registrants\. The People’s right to due process can only be upheld through a court ruling; failure to rule is a deprivation of our right to due process of law\.
 Pretending there is an authority establishing jurisdiction is a deprivation of rights under color of law \(US Criminal Code, Section 242, calls for prison sentences for violators, including judges and attorneys\)\.

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The reward is held by Common Sense Law in trust. Since contributions by interested individuals continue, the reward amount has exceeded $5,000. The panel of judges will be announced shortly. The Reward is offered for a limited time, so don't wait.
First Posted onFebruary 21, 2006
Feel free, in fact we encourage you, to copy this reward and spread the news.
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Challenge to Attorneys
Even lawyers can use an extra $5,000. All it takes, is to produce the authority if you believe it exists.
If you know that such an authority does not exist, then please work to restore our right to due process of law. Submit a motion, similar to that of Allison Margolin's, for your clients..