Grey vs. Lightfoot Debate! Matchup results!

Judge Gray wins by unanimous decision! - Bruce Cohen

Excitement ran high in Rafaello's restaurant.
People usually get excited about the bruscetta and pasta, but tonight was different.
Folks just kept arriving, shaking hands and talking excitedly about the night's event.
The anticipation was palpable, people looking for the candidates and familiar faces.

The feeling was that this could be a make it or break it debate, and we expected fireworks!

Program Director Paul Blumenstein smiled as more tables and chairs had to be brought in.
People kept trickling in to the San Pedro restaurant in a steady stream, as the 6:30 meeting
time approached. Over fifty excited Libertarians greeted each other as people waited for Gail
and Jim to arrive.

Tonight's format was to have Region 66's meeting, introduce the out-of-towners, order dinner
and then get down to business. Running a little late, but still very welcome was LA District
Attorney candidate Denise Moehlman, who spoke for ten minutes. Well received by the crowd,
she looked and sounded great.

The admittedly biased folks at the Orange County table, scored the debate, giving two points
for the best opening, two for the best closing and one each for the questions submitted in
advance by the audience.

Gail was beaten resoundingly by a score of 11-2, only winning two out of the questions, but
battling to a draw on five. Jim had the audience eating out of his hand, and they clapped
enthusiastically throughout his statements. Jim won on both his opening and closing
statements clearly drawing the most approval with is enthusiasm and sincerity.

Jim won on the questions regarding the Environment, Reducing Government Spending and
Outreach/Voter Registration. He was clear and to the point on all three subjects, making
his Libertarian credentials very clear. He also won on a question regarding the Constitutionality
of government regulating the economy, wowing the crowd on his clear and pointed response,
as well as his obvious grasp of Economics.. On the subject of Welfare, Jim really knocked the
audience dead, making a much stronger and more Libertarian case for his solutions. Not
surprisingly, as a Seated Judge, he ran circles around Gail on the subject of Constitutional
review of proposed Laws.

Gail got the best of Jim on only two issues, the Fully Informed Jury question, he struggling
with the concept as a Jurist, wanting to change bad laws instead of instructing Juries to
ignore them. As well, Gail bested Jim on the Open Primary question, her being a sentimental
favorite, due to her Supreme Court success on this.

Jim made sure to point out that he was the 'most' Libertarian, and clearly convinced most in
attendance. His focus was razor sharp, and he pointed out several times how important
our Constitution and Bill of Rights was to him, and how he would live by it as our Senator.
Jims closing statement especially drew laughs and applause, finishing with a new line,
even I, a veteran Judge Jim watcher had never heard!

"Not only should government officials swear to uphold the Constitution, but also that
they have read it!" - Judge Jim Gray

Jim raised hundreds of dollars and sold a dozen books, without even trying.
After the event, the audience lined up for autographs and handshakes.
Certainly Gail was welcomed, but didn't have anywhere near the level of enthusiasm or support,
only having the same small group around her after the event, while Judge Gray struggled to
keep up with the attention.

Three members of the LPCA Board were in attendance, and a large contingent from outside
the region. Four LPOC members were there for the debate last night, Keith and Cheryl Garrison,
John Brady and Bruce Cohen

Jim Gray's new website is at WWW.JudgeJim.Com and is just being upgraded.
Expect to see the new site tomorrow!

Until that happens, the old website is at WWW.JudgeJimGray4Senate.Com