Got your CA Freedom yet?

Where is our California Freedom Magazine entitlement?

One of our CALP membership benefits is to receive a MONTHLY
Issue of California Freedom as described on the state party web site:

The last issue was a combined November / December 2006 issue.

There was no CA Freedom for January 2007.
There was no CA Freedom for February 2007.
It is now March. Where is it?

CA Freedom now has fewer pages than ever before and is no longer on a
regular publishing schedule.

There has been no apology or even an explanation for our membership's
loss of this promised benefit.

How do we expect to change America if we are not able to even produce
a monthly newsletter?

Who is responsible for this continuing, and deteriorating CA Freedom

It is none other than CA FREEDOM EXECUTIVE EDITOR Bruce Cohen.

Cohen's failed publications include the LPOC magazine as well as the
CA Freedom.

Bruce Cohen should have been removed from his positions of leadership
long ago.
He is harming our common quest for liberty. While Bruce Cohen's heart
may be in the right place,
His actions are not. Watching Bruce ruin yet another good thing
within our organization has been
very painful to watch.

Please remind yourself of his dismal record when Bruce Cohen's name
appears on any ballot
within the LP organization.

Recommended action: Help save the LPCA, re-organize & make Bruce
Cohen an indian instead of a chief.

With all due respect,
Submitted to the membership by
Norm Firecracker Westwell
Member 659