good print shop in San Francisco

United Printing, 573 O'Farrell St., San Francisco. Near Leavenworth. He has been printing Ballot Access News for me since 1988. Jim Peron recommended him to me. Henry Tran is a Vietnamese refugee and it is his shop.

Richard Winger


PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

I plan to do a "Every Door Direct Mailing" to all the addresses in my zip
code which is 94903 in San Rafael, Marin County.

This will cost me $717.46 as there are 4748 addresses in my zip code and
the cost is 14.5 cents each.

Now, I have to write and compose the mailing and I have to find a printer
who can print it.

Naturally, I will promote our causes which include Gary Johnson and Top Two.

I hope to get this all done today.

And suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Sam Sloan

Sorry, there are 4948 mailing addresses in my zip code, not 4748.

Postage to each one costs 14.5 cents and 4748 times 14.5 equals $717.46

Sam Sloan


  So the post office only charges 14.5 cents each to deliver a letter to several thousand households? That's good to know. If you want to post a draft of the letter here when you've got something written up, I'd be happy to take a look at it and give you any feedback or editing suggestions I may have.

  Assuming this is first-class mail, which I believe allows up to 6 pieces of regular 8.5 x 11" paper, what you might do is include a pre-existing press release or flier for Gary Johnson and/or the LP rather than trying to come up with that content from scratch, and then including your letter about your case as a separate insert. The campaign sells 500 of these two-page, full-color, double-sided fliers for $500 including shipping -- . If you let them know you'll be mailing them out directly to voters, perhaps they'll give you a better deal for 5000.

  In writing your letter, you would probably do well to keep in mind that the recipients are probably going to be confused as to why you are writing them about this issue. If you provide a clear answer to that question right off the bat as soon as they start reading, I think you'll be more likely to keep their attention. Otherwise if they start wading into details about the court case without any explanation, they may just toss the whole thing in confusion/annoyance/frustration. I would let them know you're appealing to them as your neighbors to stop an injustice from happening in your community. You might also talk about how if you win your fight to have the money from the estate awarded to you, you will be using some of that money there in the community, helping local organizations, etc. (assuming that's true and something you have an interest in doing), i.e. showing there's potentially something in it for them. I suggest also explaining clearly that your case and the Gary Johnson campaign are two separate issues, and that you simply included the GJ material as a supporter of his since you were doing the mailing anyway and had the space.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hello Sam and Starchild,

As a reminder, we voted at the last LPSF meeting about this issue and clearly indicated LPSF does not wish to mix Party and personal in the same mailing.


I want to thank you so much for suggesting Henry and United Printing.

He did an excellent job and got it done immediately.

i delivered the print job plus the paper from Kelly Paper to his print shop
at 5:15 PM yesterday. He called me around 8:00 PM to tell me it was
finished and ready, so I drove from San Rafael to San Francisco to pick it

I mailed it at the post office today. I mailed it to 4836 addresses. The
mailing cost me $701.22 for the postage which is 4836 cards times 14.5
cents each.

Without Henry I could never have gotten it out in time for election day.

Sam Sloan