Good News - The Court Decides Teenager Can Pursue Alternative Cancer Therapy Afterall

Dear Everyone;

Not too far back we had articles about the teenager faced with being forced by the courts to undergo chemotheraphy after his parents were declared unfit by Child Services. Now the worm has turned and he has the choice of alternative therapy.

Why the dunderheads didn't do this in the first place instead of wasting tons of people time and tax money bets the heck out of me - good old tax dollars at work by people who don't care how much tax dollars they waste because they are public servants on the publics payroll - great free riders at the taxpayers expense - fire them all - make them go find real jobs where performance counts on making a profit - not how much tax payers money you can blow.,0,6568909.story?coll=sfla-news-health

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian