Good News! Senate Climate Bill Fails - 'Largest Tax Bill Ever' Defeated

Taxpayers and the economy dodged a deadly bullet with the defeat of this bill. Nevertheless it is a troubling sign that debate in Congress reportedly shifted away from arguments about whether human-caused global warming is actually happening to a significant extent, and instead focused on the negative practical consequences of the legislation. If skeptics in government have conceded the alarmists' premise, it seems likely that the threat of disastrous anti-industrial legislation is far from over. Gov. Schwarzenegger has already signed legislation in California which could be devastating if its mandate to reduce state emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 is actually enforced -- .

  As the Senate staffer's article below makes clear, the timing was bad for Sen. Boxer and her supporters on this because of the high gas prices currently battering consumers at the start of the summer driving season and fears that this legislation could have raised them even higher. But I imagine they were desperate to try to rush something through now despite the unfavorable timing, simply because if global temperatures start dropping beyond what can be attributed to El Nino, Al Gore & company might be able to fool the public into thinking the global warming crisis had been averted through legislative action rather than disclosing the truth that it was a result of reduced solar activity (see With no major legislation in place, if global temperatures continue to plateau or start to drop, their reputations could be about to take a major collective nose-dive.

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