Good news! Libertarian Party members can now subscribe to California LP's Executive Committee list

I'm happy to report that party leaders have heeded calls for more transparency, and ordinary LP members interested in keeping up with what their state LP representatives are doing and talking about can now subscribe on a read-only basis to the state Executive Committee email list.

  If you would like to receive the emails posted to this moderate-volume list, send an email to LPC office manager Gale Morgan (copied in the header of this message) asking to subscribe, and he will add you.

  You still won't be able to post to the list, unfortunately – only Executive Committee members can post. But having access to the list is an important step toward more transparency and better communication in our state party. Deficiency in these areas has been a major factor in the lackluster condition of the Libertarian Party in California in recent years, in my opinion, and I'm glad to see our new leadership turning a corner on this.

  I'll take some credit for this change (which I also count as an accomplishment on the Libertarian National Committee, whose list you can now subscribe to at!forum/lncvotes ), as I brought up the idea again in a phone conversation with Gale and state chair Ted Brown a couple weeks ago and they reacted positively. It has now been put into effect, and Gale tells me there are currently about five non-ExCom subscribers who've been added, including myself.

  Also copied on this message is Elizabeth Brierly, who is the new editor of our state newsletter. Hopefully we can get an announcement published there as well, for the benefit of California LP members who this email may not reach.

  If you know other Libertarian Party members who care about how their party is run and would like to be in the loop – as I believe we all should! – please forward them this announcement.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))
Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
                              (415) 625-FREE

P.S. - Our state convention is coming up, April 1-3 at the Los Angeles airport Hilton. Everyone is welcome – if you are a party member, you can be a delegate and play a role in selecting who will choose the next Libertarian Party presidential candidate and vote in state party elections! Hopefully there will be a link with details on the convention on the state website soon.

P.P.S. – The state Executive Committee is scheduled to meet January 24 in Monrovia, but there seems to be some question as to whether this meeting will occur. Tune into the ExCom list for details!