Good news – governor signs AB 1475, prohibiting police posting of mugshots on social media for most crimes

Glad to see the ability of police to poison the waters of public opinion against suspects prior to them having their day in court being limited.

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Very happy to report that the repaired AB 1475, which will prohibit the placement of mugshots on social media by the cops for any crime that does not constitute a violent felony, has been signed by the governor and will be law as of January 1. We owe a debt to Senate Public Safety which took a weak bill and made it a strong one. Yay!

So what happened in Berkeley in 2017-2018 will not happen again. Anywhere.

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AB-1475: Law enforcement: social media.

On 23-JUL-21 the following history action was applied:

“Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 126, Statutes of 2021.”
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