Good News and Bad News regarding the posters

The good news about the posters is that I don't need to find anyone to
store these for me after Pride weekend.

The bad news is that this is because more than half of them (5 out of 9
boxes) were destroyed with water/mold damage (see photo below).

We have about 80 (4 boxes) that survived relatively unscathed. I have
enough room in my (dry, indoor) storage closet for these four surviving



I am still hoping to convince you all to be more generous with them at
Pride. I am still proposing that we do a little "sales pitch" to
folks stopping at our booth to the effect that by making a small
donation (say $1 - $5) they can have these historic posters as
remembrance of how real San Franciscans feel.

It would seem to me that anyone who is willing to make a donation to
acquire something is not going to discard it so easily. But if someone
takes a real interest in the LP, signs up to receive our information,
and other expressions of serious inquiry, I would suggest they get a
poster for free.

In ordinary environments, paper just does not last very long.


Bummer to hear about the mold/water damage! I haven't checked the
ones I got from Jeremy; I hope they are not in similar shape. I do
suggest that the posters which are damaged not simply be thrown away
however, unless they are so bad as to be falling apart or largely
unreadable. A damaged poster can still be taped or pasted up on an
outdoor surface, where any poster we put up would not stay in very
good shape for long in any case.

  Speaking of which, another random idea that just occurs to me is
that if we can get our hands on any of those sandwich boards that
restaurants often put out on the sidewalk, or make something similar
ourselves, we could just slap a couple posters on one of those and
leave it out in a place with a lot of foot traffic.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I feel like a real politician now. this definitely qualifies me for Congress. I pushed through the poster project without a clear marketing plan just to get something accomplished. Now where did I put that Obama button.