"Good German" mentality alive and well in U.S. today

Some comments I received about the recent police Taser killing in New York City...

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Subj: More on the "Good German" concept

To all: Here is another follow up from the recent N.Y. Taser killing of a mental patient and then the suicide of the cop who was involved. Comments below are not mine. There seems to be a lot of recent notice of the ‘GOOD GERMAN” mentality in our culture. Noticing it is helpful, ignoring it is not. MM

I hope that Lt. Pigott's suicide in no way prevents NY from continuing with its case against the officer who "obeyed orders" when he fired his death ray at the delusional mental patient who needed help, not Tasering. Obeying orders to kill millions of innocent Jews in Germany during the Holocaust did not prevent those officers from standing trial after WWII for war crimes. Lt. Pigott's ordered Inman Morales' Tasered as he stood naked and delusional on the balconly to his 3rd story apartment building, and now Lt. Pigott is dead. But the officer who actually Tasered Morales and caused his fall is still alive and still liable.


See the below news story:


The NYPD officer who gave the command to Taser psychiatric patient, Inman Morales, is dead. Shortly before 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, police Lt. Michael Pigott shot himself with a 9-millimeter Glock. Fellow officers report that Pigott had been “torn up” since he ordered Morales be Tasered as Morales, a 35-year old mental patient, stood naked and delusional on the balcony to his apartment on September 24. Morales' mother had called for assistance for her son when he threatened suicide. She had no way of knowing that police would be the ones to actually kill him.

Mary Neal
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