gold price


All you wannabe gold bugs... here's your chance. Gold has given back most of the gains of the recent rally and has bounced off of $422, putting it near the bottom of its recent trading range.

IMHO, now would be a good time to establish a position.


Anyone know a good website for tracking the day-to-day price of gold and seeing a graph of prices over time? And these are perhaps going to sound like ignorant questions, but where do you actually buy gold? Also, is there a reliable place to get actual coins or bars, if you'd like to keep them under the mattress, so to speak, or is the only easy option getting a piece of paper that's redeemable for gold?

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IMHO, now would be a good time to establish a position.

I think it's still too high.

I'm waiting to see it go back below $400... has quotes and good commentary. It is very goood to have
some physical coins tuked away in various secret places. American
eagles with the dertificates are the most liquid. seems to
have the best reputation. tyhe Us bsed electronic trading funds have
severe problems with the accountability of the physical custodians I
would avoid. Perth gols certificates have a great deal of privacy
,liquidity and taxation advantages and a wotrth reserching.

starchild you are such an enigma, you seemed today to dismiss the
importance of economic history sites, and then ask about gold. HuH?
remember, you have grown up in a time and place of unprecidentted
prosperity and economic stability. Since 1971 the fed has been able to
print it's way out of every problem and the whole world has been on
board to help. According to Austrian theory the end of the good times
approaches, whetert through hy perinflation orr depression is unknown,
but very bad times are upon us sooner or later 6 mos to 15 years. The
amount of human suffering similar to the thirties will be
unimaginable. It is important that the workd of Austrian economics be
spread so that that a reasonable outcome has come chance of emerging
from the ashes. That is why I hope you could find it in your heart to
treat the economic issuesriased in a walking tour with out the subtle
contempt of thinking the issues are bourgious and republican. thanks Phil


  I don't know what I have ever said that you might have construed to mean that I thought the gold issue, or economic issues in general, are "bourgeoisie and Republican." I don't believe such a thing, and I thoroughly agree with you that sound money is important, though I don't pretend to have the same level of interest in the topic that you do.

  What I think I was getting at is that if you want to talk about this kind of thing on TV, or even on a walking tour, I strongly recommend that you find a way of communicating some of what you know without going into a long, dry, technical discourse which will make most peoples' eyes glaze over as they tune out what you are saying.

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