Gold & paper & regulation

Your questions are on point. I guess that is why frns were specifically prohibited by the Constitution by the prohibition against emitting bills of credit and the
constitution also says that the States shall accept no thing in payment except gold and silver coin. The two work hand and hand, otherwise one has a disaster as you so clearly pointed out..

TPerhaps the better way would be to eliminate the income tax and corporate tax on any commerce conducted in Goold.

Or , Right now the $20 gold piece that the mint issues contains 1 oz of gold.

IfI continue to do well I might buy a place to live in the next few years. I was thinking of arranging the deal in all gold, and reporting the nominal gold price as the purchase price. Thus, an 875,000 loft would sell for 20,000 in golden eafgles. Ithis would lessen the transfer taxes and could lead to a big fight with the assesor that I might win, not to mention a hugh tax loss for the seller. The problem would be to find a curmudgeieonly enough seller.