Gold, Freedom, and Peace Conference


If you can't afford it, call the Mises Institute
and plead poverty. They're flexible.

Best, Michael

Where is the price listed?

-- Steve

Dear Steve;

See if this helps you on the price and whom to contact:

November 18-19. San Mateo, CA. Gold, Freedom, and War: A Benefit Conference for Friday and Saturday at The Radisson Villa Hotel, 4000 El Camino Real. Featuring Ron Paul, Cindy Sheehan, Justin Raimondo, David Gordon, Eric Garris, Burton S. Blumert, Lew Rockwell, Gary North, Butler Shaffer, Doug French, Robert Blumen, Anthony Gregory and more. Conference price is $200 per person. Call Cathy at (800) 348-8001 to pay conference fee and make a hotel reservation. Conference schedule.

Ron Getty

SF Libertarian

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