[GLIL] Re: Ron Paul would be soundly defeated

another long winded cobbled together bit of sophistry full of blindered ignorant assumptions. your speciality. I really hope for your sake that you are pretty

One of the main values of the Ron Paul movement for libertarians is to network with and recruit proto-libertarians. Obama might be more interesting a candidate to support than Hillary or Edwards, but libertarians who worked on his campaign would end up having just wasted their time. Did you actually BELIEVE that the purpose of working on the Paul campaign is to elect Paul, or is this assumption just part of your intellectually dishonest mode of PR? I can never tell how much of you is dishonesty and how much stupidity. Your attempt your use numbers to impart a patina of rationality to your little fart was, like so much of your mewling, laughable. A libertarian who works on the Ron Paul campaign will leave it at the end with X converts and Y reusable networks. A libertarian who works on the Obama campaign will leave it with 0 (X) and 0 (Y) and a bunch of Demwit apparatchiks wondering why this strange person who ACTUALLY opposes the social security
system was there.

But if you feel that your energy is better spent on Obama then by all means go