"Getting The Schaft"

As evidenced by the recent popularity of drone aircraft, the appeal of robot soldiers to military commanders and their civilian bosses is obvious -- no more human "boots on the ground" to get killed and bring bad publicity. Except those belonging to "them" of course, but "they" don't count because they aren't Americans. Or so the statist/nationalist thinking goes. At least until some of the Americans become part of the "them" instead of part of the "us". Anyway, here's a piece about yet another technologically interesting yet vaguely troubling Google project.

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Getting The Schaft
Posted by Peregrin Wood under Tech - War and Peace on December 26th, 2013
If you saw this walking down your street, what would be your reaction?

It’s a robot called Schaft, built by Google for a competition held by the U.S. military.

In this competition, companies seeking to build robots for the military had their machines put through trials to see how well they could perform.

Perform doing what? The military says the robots will be for assisting in emergency situations – which is how they describe the National Guard now.

The military also has the NSA electronic spying programs, which collect information from a huge range of the daily, private, non-criminal activities of American citizens. So, the same organization, with permission to kill, with information about where you go, what you see, and who you talk to, will now have an army of robots.

What could go wrong?

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