Dear Everyone;

From time to time in both the Examiner and the Chronicle I have been successful in getting letters to the editor published. Over the last two years a good dozen each. As much as I would like them to include the Libertarian label this hasn't worked BUT the Libertarian philosophy has been put out there.

The best way of getting an LTE published is to make certain it is:

           clear - concise - correct - current and pithy(?) and under 150 words.

The Examiner just called to verify I was the person who wrote a submission on the Ammiano health care plan. This LTE along with I'm certain several dozens of others will be considered for publishing maybe tomorrow or Friday in Letters to The Editor.

I have also submitted another one to the Chronicle which was written differently on the Ammiano health plan. Sending the same one to different publications and all of them getting printed does create a few copyright problems and most likely no further publication.

As the LTE Editor sent this is their standard:

Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, it is too long to use. If you would like your letter considered for publication, please revise it to 150 words or fewer and resubmit it. Please be sure to include your name, the name of the city or town in which you live and your daytime telephone number. Your phone number will not be published.

Thank you, Tom Prete Editorial Page Editor San Francisco Examiner

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian