Get The Kids Out Resolution - Response To Question On Tactics

Dear Everyone;

After receiving the e-mail forwarded by Dr. Edelstein on the movement to pull Christian children from public schools he recommended I try to elicit a response on a question I had asked him.

I sent the e-mail below to both of the organizers at Get The Kids Out and DownsizingDC at their offices. I received a response from one of them. See the response below.

Dear Whomever Gets This E-mail;

Please forward this message to: Marshall Fritz Interim Director,
President, (Alliance for the Separation of School & State)
Fresno, CA

Dear Marshall Fritz;

Our San Francisco Libertarian Yahoo Discuss Group had been forwarded a copy of the e-mail about forming coalitions with Christian groups to pull children from public schools from www.Downsize.Org

After reading it over I have a fairly simple question to ask:

Why hasn't your group been lobbying Congress to de-fund the $48 Billion Dept of Education? If you want to stop the interference and give back the schools to the local communities why all the side show baloney. Why aren't you going for the jugular at the Dept of Education? Using the vast Christian membership to work at lobbying to cut off the money sent to the Dept. Education after being taken from the taxpayers by theft?

Ronald Getty
SF Libertarian


Thank you for your work to help get the kids out.

Re. Fed. govt, you and I view things differently.

You believe the Fed govt has a jugular. So do I..... but I think it is elsewhere. We need to convince the people.... to �create a constituency� in left-speak..... to support what you want. That is my role.

The various negations and compromises to get anything accomplished in the political arena give me the heebee-jeebies. Or worse. So, we leave all politicking and lobbying to others. Be my guest. I�m stickin� to my knittin� ...... reaching the people.