Georgia Kidnaps Vegetarian Kids

July 22, 2008
My name is kamani thomas i have a wife,katoyia thomas and two sons, kalel(2yrs)and kanansi(8months).Recently our children were kidnapped and imprisoned by individuals of dfacs. they are considered kidnapped and imprisoned because there was no court order or official documentation served prior or after the incident. we were told by dfacs that they were taken because they claim our children were being deprived because we were vegetarians and by feeding them organic foods they were both at risk of malnutrion.
they then arrested both of us with no warrant, probable cause, court order, or trial. they will not disclose any information as to their whereabouts. we are being left completely in the dark because we choose to be vegetarians.i am not sure what you can do but i am notifying your organization we are being victimized of false allegations and slander and denied justice simply because of the natural way we choose to feed our children.

my information is 404 622 0715 404 587 8047
or you can email me at kamani91985@...
my wife is

here are the two rogue agents responsible. also their county director is walter e solomon II

reneisha campbell
178 Sam st
decatur, ga 30030
404 378-2128

yalonda kagler
178 Sam st
decatur, ga 30030
404 370-6314
Posted by kamani at 5:56 PM

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