Gen Petraeus says burning Korans will endanger his troops!

Gen Petraeus says Dove Outreach Church should not burn a pile of Qurans. He
is concerned about his kill ratio, which must be around 150 to 1. He must
think people could somehow get even more angry at the US government:

How did America become so evil? People burning books? Churches
destroying religious objects? Generals telling churches what to do?

Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA


   There have already been violent demonstrations in Afghanistan over this issue. The people there are already sick of the arrogance of their Bush-appointed overlords.

   The question, though, of how America became so evil needs to be laid at the feet of a media dominated by right-wing extremists and a corrupt educational establishment that's dumbed-down the public. Add to the mix the (legal) drug cartels like Eli-Lilly and Pfizer that's kept the populace slogged on psychiatric dope.

   There is really very little future for liberty in the United States today. The populace is utterly incapable of self-government. Why we need limited government again is to protect the sane from the savages.

Update on this story:
  The German newsmagazine 'Der Spiegel' did a full expose on this fanatic plotting the Koran-burning. Apparently, he had a church over in Germany a few years ago, but was ousted by the protestant hierarchy there as a menace to society.

  According to Der Spiegel, the church leadership began to have serious questions about Rev. Terry Jones' sanity; and feared his congregation was taking on a dangerous, cult-like quality.

  The perfect poster-boy for a Right-wing American icon, I guess. Look for Jones to become Undersecretary of Education under a future Gingrich Administration or something.