Gay Marriage

Dear Senator Knight,

I understand that you have been an opponent of gay marriage. As a
married Catholic with 4 children I wanted to tell you that government
cannot and it isn't supposed to enforce moral codes. Its only role is to
guarantee equal treatment under the law. The gay marriage issue should
make it abundantly clear that the State will never be an effective force
for the Church. So rather than trying to use the State to enforce moral
code, Conservatives should be lobbying to get the State out of the
marriage business all together. The states' only role is to register
contracts made by the citizens.

Unfortunately, government has granted married people privileges denied
to gay couples. This is wrong. While gay people cannot join in marital
unions the same way as is possible with Holy Matrimony, we should
celebrate committed love in whomever it occurs. And we should make sure
gay people have equal rights under the law...the way G_d would want it.
Isn't that what you want for your own son?

Best regards,

Michael F. Denny

Candidate for San Francisco Supervisor

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Well put, Mike.

-- Steve