Gary Nolan transcript from Fox News...

Sounds good to me!
I especially like the 'designated driver' comment.

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Dear friends,

As you know, Gary Nolan was interviewed by David Asman on
Fox News Wednesday afternoon (The Big Story). Gary's
appearance prompted the following message from George
Phillies (Russo for President Delegate Coordinator) to the
Russo for President volunteer email list:

2) Gary Nolan was on Fox this evening. If anyone taped
it, the campaign would really be able to use a copy for
opposition research. Please contact [number deleted] if
you have it. A copy of the audio tape is likely good
enough. Apparently he called for defense welfare, err,
"a strong national defense", one of many differences
between us and him.

Wanting to be helpful to a fellow Libertarian, I sent the
following message to Mr. Phillies this morning:

Mr. Phillies,

I understand that you are searching for a copy of Gary
Nolan's interview on Fox News that you can use for
"opposition research". Attached is a copy of the
transcript. Perhaps you can use the time saved in not
having to track down this tape to engage in some
positive campaigning on behalf of your candidate.

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager
Gary Nolan for President

Of course, as is evident from the transcript (appended
below), and Gary Nolan's extensive written policy
statements, Gary Nolan does not favor "defense welfare."

Supporters of Gary's opponent are welcome to engage in
"opposition research" and misrepresentations of Gary's
positions on the issues. We believe that Gary's record
speaks for itself.

We urge Gary's supporters to resist the urge to respond
in kind. We need to stay focused on delivering Gary's
positive Libertarian message to the American people, and
reserve "opposition research" and criticism for our true
opposition -- President Bush and Senator Kerry.

We hope to have Gary's interviews on CNN-FN and Fox News
posted soon. In the meantime, the Fox News transcript is
appended below so you can see how well a media pro like
Gary delivers our message on national TV. Enjoy.

Steve Dasbach
Campaign Manager


  So evidently Steve Dasbach, or one of Nolan's supporters, is subscribed to the Russo for President volunteer list. I don't consider that a big deal. I expect he (or whoever it was) is just doing a bit of opposition research. It doesn't hurt to know what the candidates you're running against are saying, even when they're in the same party. It would appear a bit hypocritical of Steve to suggest that only the Russo campaign would stoop to "opposition research" however, given the source of his information. Do you think Steve is saying that Nolan supporters should refrain from saying negative things about Russo? Do you personally intend to only say positive things about the candidates, or do you think it's OK to point out what you consider to be faults of candidates you're not supporting?

Yours in liberty,
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