Gandhi Says It best


Thanks for the Gandhi quote.

Shall we include on the agenda discussing "ways to resist an evil system"?

Warm regards, Michael

I think my r sez it best. she grew up under soviet occupation. The
best way to destroy the system is to use it to the max. I am enjoying
the best of the fascist business model here in Baltimore, vacationing
in a one bedroom studio in a senior highrise right downtown with a
harbor view in the heart of the cultural district for the price of
three mochas a day. This place was built in the seventies and very
well run by the local episcopallians.Its nice to take a break form the
fog. The folks living here pay around 500 a month or less. The place
is privately and was funded by HUD a long time ago. It works for these
folks who are sheltered from the ravages of inflation. The fascist biz
model works well for those able to get in under its umbrella. The
others folks, well...

I spent last week in the florida gulf coast visiting R. Dead malls.
Beautiful three bedroom homes, recently foreclosed. The pool green
with mmuck. the weeds spreading. So many empty homes for sale. whole
malls empty.