Gail Lightfoot running for office

Hi All,

Gail Lightfoot, long-time dedicated Libertarian activist, is once again running for office. Forwarding the email below should you want to help her get on the ballot.


Please tell us what she is running for and who she is running against.

Sam Sloan

Gail Lightfoot is running for US Senate, the seat now held by Barbara Boxer (D) who is retiring.She will probably face Attorney General Kamala Harris (D) and Rep Loretta Sanchez (D), plusone or more Republicans and possibly a Green. Because of CA's "Top two", Prop 14, law, anyvoter can vote for candidates from any party, and a run-off election in November could be heldto decide between two members of the same party.
Harland HarrisonChair, LP of San Mateo County CA De : "Sam Sloan samhsloan@... [lpsf-discuss]" <>

Hi Sam and Marcy. She's running for the US Senate. I just donated to help put the L word on the June ballot. With so few Libertarian candidates running in California these days, when one does, it behooves us to help out.
Thanks for the posting!Aubrey

Thank you for the clarification, Harland.