FYI: North Beach eminent domain update

I went and spoke at this hearing Tuesday (twice, as there were two different opportunities for public comment), but didn't see any other Libertarians. Supervisor Tony Hall once again put up a spirited opposition to the taking.

  The opponents are now pushing for an Environmental Impact Report on the proposed building, which apparently would be very unusual for a project this small. This is not only untimely. However there is so little actual evidence of any need for this (let alone the fact that the normal time for such a report passed months ago), that the appellants were arguing in favor of an EIR on the basis of things like a shadow being cast over part of a tennis court in the neighboring park for an extra half hour (better than looking into the setting sun when playing tennis!) and the loss of views of Coit Tower and Russian Hill from a specific stretch of Columbus Avenue, when these landmarks can be seen from many other vantage points.

  Hopefully some of you will be able to make it for the next hearing on January 16, since I won't be here. I think I mentioned before that one local columnist said the previous turnout for a hearing on this matter was higher than for anything other than homeless policy that he'd seen in over a decade at City Hall. Although there were only perhaps 50 to 100 people present on Tuesday, the fact that the matter continues to drag on means that the cumulative profile of the fight over 701 Lombard is growing even larger. If we can defeat this one, it will be a major blow to proponents of seizing private property, but if we lose, expect more eminent domain cases in the future which will be that much harder to beat.

  Brian told me that he contacted the libertarian Institute for Justice as I suggested, and that they told him to call them back if it goes to court.

Yours in liberty,
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