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With Rob's help, I also updated the website with a brief story about the Libertarian effort to support the Mideast uprisings, and a few of my photos from the protest for Egypt on Feb. 5.

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There's lots out there suggesting that the Madison event and the riots in the middle east are carefully executed distractions to the fact that the global money elite just robbed us all blind.

Something to consider....



I think it's pretty clear that the financial system fiasco is the direct
cause of both the Middle East and domestic protests.

But it's not some carefully orchestrated conspiracy -- it's instead that
people simply are tired of having years of declining standards of living.
That led to the overthrow of oil-rich Middle East dictators who let their
people suffer for decades, and it led to the election domestically of real
budget and tax cutters (the first real ones in 3 decades), which itself led
to a backlash from the privileged public sector employees who had been
enjoying a disproportionate share of the benefits from public taxation.

Remember Occam's razor -- which is more likely? That people in general are
tired of declining standards of living, or rather a vast and complicated
left-wing conspiracy?

As always, when someone suggests a conspiracy, I point to South Park's
analysis of the 9/11 Truth conspiracy theories:




Here's a reply

More and More, Elite Supports Islamic 'Enemy'

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - by Staff Report<>

It was 32 years ago almost to the day when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (left) returned in triumph to Tehran to take over the leadership of that country. Yusuf al-Qaradawi has a tougher job, but he's up to the challenge if his health holds up. Up until now, the Egyptian revolution generally, and the Brotherhood in particular, has lacked a charismatic thinker, someone who could really mobilize the masses. Qaradawi is that man. Long resident in the Gulf, he is returning to his homeland in triumph. Through Internet, radio, his 100 books and his weekly satellite television program, he has been an articulate voice for revolutionary Islamism. He is literally a living legend. - Jerusalem Post

Dominant Social Theme: Islam is breaking out. Who knew?

Free-Market Analysis: In a previous article, written many weeks ago, we asked if the West was actively setting up Islamic enemies in the Middle East. We were not sure at the time. As with many dominant social themes<javascript:void%20%0d%0ashowWindow(450,600,'../WindowlessArticle.asp?nid=652');> of the elite, it wasn't clear right away. But the wonderful thing about the Internet is that if one understands the promotional strategies of the Anglosphere - the fear-based mechanisms they implement - it becomes relatively easy to track unfolding events and begin to form conclusions.

In this case, it is still early days, but as a blog that follows this sort of thing, we can at least update our viewers and feedbackers on our perceptions. What we believe we are beginning to see is the formation of an Islamic political crescent stretched across the Middle East. During the regime changes that took place in Tunisia and Egypt, there was a good deal of chatter in the mainstream press about "secular" political regimes coming to the fore. But it doesn't seem to be working that way.

Egypt is being run by the army and Tunisia is being run by a caretaker government. But in both cases, the emergent political solutions seem to be Islamic. In Tunisia, Rachid Ghannouchi has returned from England to reorganize his once-banned Islamist party, al-Nahda. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is gradually filling the political vacuum, though there had been doubts about its influence given its lack of a "charismatic leader."

Now, according to the article excerpted above, there is one: the famous Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi favors the death penalty for gay people and female baby-girl genital cutting. Nonetheless, he is considered one of Islam's top scholars and reaches some 40 million people a week through this Al Jazeera satellite television program.

Like Gannouchi, Qaradawi has been in exile, only not in Britain. Qaradawi settled in Qatar, a tiny country that is one of the Anglosphere's closest allies in the Middle East. When the Bush Administration launched their initial attack against Iraq, Qatar provided a staging ground. And Qatar is where Al Jazeera was funded and hatched. Most believe Al Jazeera to be a "radical" Islamic news agency but Qatar's Emir was literally plopped on the throne by the Anglosphere and its money still funds the news network, which was populated initially by a group of BBC reporters out of Saudi Arabia.

In both of these cases then, we begin to see a pattern. The West tends to facilitate its enemies. France and Germany coddled Lenin and then sent him back to Russia with funding. Soon the White Russians were defeated and the march of Communism began. The West - especially New York banks and the Bush family (that Bush family) - funded Hitler's rise and invested heavily in Germany's pre-war economic miracle.

Fast forward to the Iranian revolution. As we have pointed out many times, there is no doubt America under Jimmy Carter destabilized the secular regime of the Shah of Iran. And not much later, Ruhollah Khomeini, who had been stored in France (shades of Lenin), was flown back to Iran, complaining to reporters all the while about how much he disliked Iran and Iranians. Khomeini's father is reported to have been British intelligence.

In our article, Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam, we noted similar patterns that extended throughout the Middle East and Africa. We pointed out that in the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), the West was supporting Alassane Ouattara, a Muslim over Laurent Gbagbo, a Christian. In Sudan, the West supported a referendum that has split the North from the South. Northern president Omar al-Bashir now plans a Sharia state. And of course during the War in Kosova, the West backed Albanian Muslims over Serbian Christians.<>

In another recent article, we suggested that Western elites were setting up George Orwell's 1984, complete with an Islamic enemy and Asian enemy (China). "A 'long war' of this sort [we wrote] could eventually resolve itself into the longed-for New World Order as these three regions propel their struggle into exhaustion. From chaos ... order. We wouldn't have presented such a scenario earlier this year, but the apparent ambition of Western elites to create color revolutions all over the world has considerably expanded our sense of what they believe is possible - and reasons why they might promote such an ambitious undertaking."

One of the virtues of the Internet is that it provides patterns if one knows where to look. There are Western patterns related to "grooming" Western opponents, and these are operative currently. America over the past two years has trained activist Egyptians for the kind of revolution that has just taken place. And the US State Dept. is sponsoring AYM to help "youth worldwide" learn more about using online tools to promote [an] extraordinary range of social movements and promote non-violent change." Even the Muslim Brotherhood is said to be highly penetrated by Western intel. The elite likes its wars, but likes it even better if both sides are controlled.

Conclusion: Is the Anglosphere's preferred outcome one of Islamic regimes? The logic unfolds based on relationships and strategies that reveal themselves as events occur. In fact, Islam is a very strong religious force and there is not much to counteract it in any of these countries. Islamic republics, therefore, are easy to foresee. The shame is that there are varieties of Islam. Thanks to Saudi Arabia, the increasingly dominant brand of Islam is fundamentalist Wahhabism. Hey, how did that happen?




Excellent article, as always, Starchild. So, I am hoping that everyone on this list will read it, and take the accompanying website poll. Maybe also e-mail at least one friend about the article and the poll as means of promoting not only libertarian views, but also our great website


Dear All,

I am listening to Forum on NPR. The guest is a former CIA chief of the Bin Laden Unit, who gives the different perspective from that saying that the Mideast uprising will result in a Western type, pro USA democracy in the region.